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Ask Max: Is there any way to have iCal generate a list after doing a 'find' request?

Asked on 04/30/2007:

Is there any way to have iCal generate a chronological list of events after doing a 'find' request?

I know to sort the date column - but then if I select and copy the events I need to paste into TextEdit the list is all outta whack. Really need it in date order - ascending or descending is a little matter - just order!


I see what you are talking about. When copying the items to the clipboard in iCal it does not preserve the organization of the list. The order is almost random when you paste it into another application.

Here is what I was doing to replicate what I believe you are trying to do. With one of my calendars selected (In my case the PowerMax vacation schedule) I click on the show search results window. It is the third left button on the lower right hand corner of the iCal window. It looks like three dots with lines after them. The lines on the button will be blue when activated and grey when hidden. In that list, there should be a list of all your events on your calendar. For me, I see everyone's scheduled days off. Then in the search field below the list I do my filtering. I searched for the word "Joe" and now only see days Joe has off. I click the "Date" Column to put them in dated order. Then I click once on the first item and then, holding down the "Shift" key, I click on the last entry in the list. All items are now highlighted. Now I copy the items to my clipboard. Then in text edit I start a new blank document and paste the contents of the clipboard into the document.

The strange thing is that if I change the sort order of the list and copy it again it will sometimes paste in order. Other times it is all mixed up. This inconsistency is the most troubling part of it. After playing with it for some time, I feel confident this is an iCal bug. We will have to see if it gets fixed in the next version of iCal. I will be keeping an eye on from now on and I will be forwarding this on to Apple.

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