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Ask Max: Is there a way to skip an erroneous driver software update?

Asked on 05/19/2010:


The software update runs each day on my iMac 3.06GHz, 21.5in computer. The problem is that everyday it shows the following update available:

HP Printer Drivers Update 2.3 4.8 MB.

I have obviously updated these drivers, but still continue to get the notification. Why is this happening and what can be done to stop the unnecessary repeat notifications?

- Lon


The simple solution is to select the update listed and choose ignore update from the ™Update™ menu. Assuming your drivers are updated and working for you then it should not cause any problems to skip the update. This sometimes can happen when you download drivers from the manufactures site (in this case HP) and Apple tries to overwrite them with different versions that are not newer or older, just different software builds. This deference prevents the update from fully installing and does not record the newer version in Software Updates records.

I hope skipping it works for you.

- Jacob

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