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Ask Max: Is there a way to fix a MacBook Pro power supply?

Asked on 05/12/2010:

Hey Jacob,

Is there any way of fixing an original apple power supply?

Yesterday my 17" MBP crashed out of the blue. I have to add, a few days before the battery went dead. Perfect timing! To be sure it wasn't a internal hardware issue I used the power supply of a 15" MacBook Pro and everything was fine. So instead of buying a new battery and a power supply maybe I can save some money by DIY.

Do you have any advise for me?

All the best,



MacBook Pro Power SupplyI am sure that there is a way to fix an MacBook Pro power supply but I would not advise it.

I am the same type of person you seem to be. I will bust out a soldering iron instead of my wallet most times. Occasionally though, I just do not want to risk potential damage from a DIY project. For example when maintaining my car, I will not work on my own tires or breaks. This is because I value professional and inspected work when it comes to keeping me on the road, and stopping when I need to.

Just like tires, the computer's Power Supply is where the "Rubber Meets the Road." It is where the outside world connects to your computer and, just like a bad break job, errors in the repair can be costly. In general you will probably be able to make the repair and get a working power supply, but it is possible that a safety device will not get fixed and a power spike could damage your equipment.

In this case I would encourage you to buy a suitable replacement. To be honest I would not know how to advice you, as I have never attempted that repair before.

Hope this helps.

- Jacob

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