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Ask Max: Is there a replacment DVD/CD R/RW drive available for my G5 iMac?

Asked on 02/09/2010:

Dear Jacob,

My PPC G5 iMac DVD and CD reader/writer has just died. Is there somewhere else I can still buy this or an alternative to it? I have seen that there are some issues with bezel edges and exact fit of some possible models. Can you recommend one that is fast and fits perfectly? Thank you.



I mostly recommend the MCE drives for do-it-yourself drive upgrades. If you have a none-Sony branded drive in there now, you will just need this G5 MCE internal drive upgrade.

But if you have a Sony drive, the drive standoffs will not fit the new MCE drive and you will need to buy replacement standoffs. Part number 922-6305, Screw M3x3, Hex, Pkg. of 4, will need to be ordered for the drive. Call into the sales line if you have a Sony Super Drive and need the new standoffs.

- Jacob

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