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Ask Max: Is there a Mac version Quicken?

Asked on 10/08/2009:


I have Quicken 2009 on my desktop PC. Can I buy this program for an apple computer and, can I transfer all my backup files?

Thanks for your help,




Intuit has developed a new version of Quicken for the Mac called "Quicken® Mac 2007", but that was less than the full Quicken application. They plan to release a full version of Quicken in February 2010.

It also does look like the new Mac version will import Windows data into the new software, although this is no true for Quicken Mac 2007. The Quicken Online product is an option for you.

This has always been my complaint with Intuit, they have historically treated their Mac division as if it were an unrelated company. Features and versions do not match up between operating systems, leaving users confused. It is unfortunate, but let's hope the new application lives up to the billing.

- Jacob

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