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Ask Max: Is there a global solution for maximizing the application window on a Mac?

Asked on 03/06/2009:

Hi Jacob,

Is there a global solution for maximizing the application window on a Mac? I have downloaded Jacobimizr from the Apple website. OK so that works with Finder. I have Googled and seen solutions for Firefox and/or Safari, but that is still an incomplete solution. I’m looking for a global solution. I like a full window because it presents to me “a canvas” on which to develop my content (text, numbers or graphics) without distraction. I don’t want desktop photos and icons and subordinate application windows cluttering the view. I don’t like constantly “stretching the window a little at a time” as I add content to the application or document window. I don’t confusion between which app has “focus” -- but whose content window is minimized down on the Launchbar – while another content window is visible over the desktop – but the application is running in background; I just want a full window NOW; once and for all.

Thanks for your help and assistance.



Well my friend, you are not alone in desiring a Jacobimize feature in OS X. The problem is that Apple does not share that opinion and does not even include it as part of its Human Interface Guidelines. OS X has a Zoom button that has many different functions based on the application. It is the little [+] button on top of most windows (Depending on your preferences, it may be Green). This is often used as a toggle between the default window size and the User specified window size. Full screen is only possible if the Application programmers decided to include it. This is one of the reasons I use WriteRoom for composition of long form text.

All the solutions that others have engineered to Jacobimize windows will work most of the time, but not universally as you have found. Unless Apple changes the way the Apple computers Mac OS functions you will have to make do with the lack of a true universal Jacobimize feature. There is hope from an unlikely place though. If the iPhone can be any indication on the direction Apple is taking the OS interface, we may soon see a desktop OS without windows. Just buttons and a navigation dock.

Sorry I do not have better news for you,

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