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Ask Max: Is there a fix for Apply display flicker?

Asked on 10/14/2008:

A friend of mine has a 17" Apple display, apparently the one around 2001-2002 that had screen flashing or flicker. She said it has one half of the screen is light and the other side is dark. She heard there is a class action suit out there, but more importantly - do you know if they will fix it or is it chalked up as a loss.


Displays, in general, often are not worth the cost to repair. This is true for not only Apple displays, but for any brand of monitor. Three years is the longest that Apple will cover a display's repair costs and that requires the purchase of AppleCare for the display. Without AppleCare, it is covered for the Apple standard of 1 year. Sometimes Apple identifies higher than average rates of failure in certain products. When that happens they will extend the repair warranty on a product. Those products and conditions are listed on Apple's exchange repair page.

Of course class action law suites are not listed on that page. This is the link to the Apple 17" Display Lawsuit you mentioned, which has already ended. The settlement covered a yearly decreasing dollar amount for the repair covering to that three-year mark. As it stands the display can still be fixed if it is just an inverter board, like what is described in the lawsuit. That part (when you can find it) costs about $70 and Labor could run another $45.00 to install the part. The product is marked as "vintage" and that designation could make it difficult for you to find the parts in stock.

It may be better to invest that money in a newer Acer 19" display.

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