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Ask Max: Is striping on MacBook Pro screens common?

Asked on 11/04/2008:

I was wondering if you had any information on the intermittent striping of MacBook Pro screens (for the Penryn MBPs). The best way to describe it is that the LEDs at the bottom of the screen don't all turn on, so every other LED turns on, resulting in bright columns of the screen alternating with darker columns. Apple has a listed fix for it on their website, but the general consensus is that the fix doesn't work. Have you encountered this?


I have not encountered this before, so I ran back to the service department to see if they had seen this before. A few Mac computer techs had seen the zebra stripes before and in each case it took the replacement of the screen to resolve the issue. It could be that your issue may not be as severe as what we have had here, but it would probably warrant a trip to an Apple Authorized Service Center to have it examined.

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