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Ask Max: Is my digital camera compatible with my Mac?

Asked on 03/18/2009:

I have a Emprex DSC 3380S camera that I used with my PC. I recently bought a used G 4 and when I plugged the camera in, it seemed to work fine, as far as downloading the photos. But the next time I tried it, the photos came up RAW. Then the next time a window came up that said no Image Capture device I can't get past that, though I've tried the reboot procedures suggested in my manual...any thoughts?



Some of these off brand cameras are hard to deal with because they were never designed to work with Mac computers and they are so obscure that Apple did not build specific support for them into the Mac OS, as they do with more popular cameras. This is not to say that your camera will never work again, it is just not going to be easy to find specific info on your camera's Mac connectivity.

This Emprex camera you are using charges from the USB connection. It could be this charging operation that is causing the problem. Not all G4 Macs had USB 2.0 ports on them and and that is likely going to be the requirement of this camera. Not that this camera needs the extra speed but a USB 2.0 port provides more power than the older USB 1.1 port. A good test would be to fully charge this camera from another computer that has USB 2.0, or a well powered USB port, and then check to see whether it properly mounts on the Apple Mac.

The other option would be to try removing the SD memory card from the camera and use a universal card reader to transfer the photos over to the Mac.

Hope this helps

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