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Ask Max: Is a 1GB iPod a good choice for kids?

Asked on 12/16/2008:

My daughter wants an iPod and is only 9 years old so I was wondering if 1GB is good and what that means exactly. How many songs can be downloaded at one time? Thank you for your time.


I bought my oldest daughter an iPod when she was 10 years old, and by her account I was a little bit late in doing so. I think 1GB would be OK for some children as it holds about 240 songs. If your child owns much more music than that, a larger iPod would probably be a good investment. I think 4 GBs is a great size for music use because 1000 songs offers more than enough choice of music in one day.

Be careful about buying the clip-on iPod Shuffle for kids. It is so small that it will often stay clipped to the clothing and go through the wash. Also, sending a kid to school with an iPod can make them a target for theft. Consider buying non-Apple headphones so it is not obvious as to what they have.

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