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Ask Max: Is $100 a decent price to pay for a MacBook with a broken screen?

Asked on 07/27/2010:

I have the opportunity to buy a 13inch MacBook for $100. It is only a couple of years old but the screen is damaged. You can see only about a 1/4th of whats on the screen in the upper left corner. A friends son had it at school and his friend threw a pop can at him, accidently hitting the monitor.

What would it cost to replace the screen? Would the cost be less if third party parts were used? If it were to be fixed at a reasonable cost, would I be able to sync it up with my G5 desktop?

Would I be able to get a third party power supply?

Thanks for helping me out.

- Dave


White MacBookIt is a good purchase for $100 because you can use it with an external display and keyboard if you do not get the screen fixed. It is like buying a $100 Mac Mini. Repairing the display will be pricy if you work though Apple Service, but if you are good with your hands you can get parts from or use their mail-in repair service.

You can move your data off of your G5, to this MacBook, using Migration Assistant, which is located in modern Mac's Utilities folder.

There are not any third party MageSafe Power Adapters, you will have to get an Apple branded unit.

Hope this helps,

- Jacob

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