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Ask Max: iPod nano through the wash

Asked on 10/09/2006:

My 12 year old son's iPod Nano went thru the Washer and dryer.It was dead, but when I plugged into his iHome, it powered up and worked while on the iHome. Later when I pulled it off, it appears to be dead again - it turned off immediately upon pulling it off the iHome.Also the screen has distortion (from the water probably) - - but he will have to live with that.Is there any hope? I am NOT buying him another one, but I would like to see if I can help him fix it.


I have a 12 year old daughter and as you can imagine she has all the gadgets. Like you though, I will only spoil to a point. The first one I will buy, but the second one is all her responsibility.The trip through the washer has probably killed the battery and it will need to be replaced. There are some replacement batteries out there, but you will have to crack it open and install the battery. Instead, you may want to get a battery extender to power the nano. ILuv ( makes a host of battery extenders that are meant to add play life to iPods, but in this case it will become your son's only battery. It is an easy fix and can be bought with his allowance.Good luck from one dad to another.

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