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Ask Max: iPod nano

Asked on 04/25/2007:

I have an old iPod nano that is only 1GB. It can't hold all the songs I want to put on it. Instead of buying a new one, I was wondering if there was any way to expand the storage room to make it be able to hold more songs. Is this possible?


It is actually possible to add storage memory to an iPod Nano. However, it requires buying an old iPod and removing the NVRAM and then soldering the chips to your iPod. It is a tough job and beyond anything I would attempt. Perhaps the better route is for you to trade in the old iPod with us and buy a new one that will fit your size needs.

Another thing to look at is the source of your music. Sometimes people bring in music recorded off tapes, LPs or the like, and the files can be quite large. To check to see if this is the case with any of your songs, look at your entire library and sort either by size or Bit Rate (these are viewable options under "View Options"). If you have songs that have a bit rate of, say, 1536 kpbs, they will be 30-50 MB or more in size. You can reduce the size by selecting the song and choosing "Convert Selection to AAC" under the Advanced menu. Some purists may shudder at the idea of reducing file sizes with its very slight reduction in sound quality, but AAC is an effective means of reducing the size of the file, and most listeners will never know the difference. Keep in mind if you do that it will create another file; the smaller one can go into your iPod selection and/or you can then delete the larger one.

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