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Ask Max: iPad 3 Javascript

Asked on 03/22/2013:

Hi, I use windows xp on my netbook. My wife has a new apple ipad 3 sometime i try & use hers to get into my certain websites(ie) my radio stations my bank account etc etc I find apple ipad a very clumsly computer it just keeps saying enable javascript but never tells you how to enable whats the secret!!!!!!. sure could use some simple common advice re my problem.. Could you E mail me with some directions how to enable javascript. regards Bill Roeder


The iPad's operating system (iOS) has many of the application preferences grouped together with the iPad's system settings. The Settings icon looks like a square with gears inside. If you touch that to launch, you'll notice the sub-settings in the column on the left. In that column is "Safari". This is where Safari's settings are located. Touch that and the third item from the bottom is the "Javascript" toggle. This setting should resolve the Java errors you're experiencing.

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