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Ask Max: Internet Explorer on a PowerPC Mac

Asked on 11/14/2007:

I visit a website daily that is only accessible using Internet Explorer. Can I install IE on your 17" Apple iMac G5/1.6 GHz if I'm running OS X?


Microsoft discontinued Internet Explorer (IE) for the Mac several years ago. Although the Mac version was similar to the Windows version, it did not possess the capabilities that most sites want when they ask for IE. Microsoft integrated some portions of its Windows Operating system into its Windows version of the IE web browser, in order to make websites more capable. The technology was called ActiveX. Because the browser and OS work together, web programmers could include more application-like behavior on their web pages. Also, malicious web programmers could take control of your system and cause all sorts of unwanted behaviors. The result was a security nightmare that plagued IE users for many years. Eventually Microsoft found a way to secure ActiveX use in IE. Often, banks or other financial institutions still use the ActiveX for added account-managing features. Most sites are opting to rewrite their sites for a common cross platform browser, like FireFox. FireFox can run similarly on many different kinds of computers.If you have to use the Windows version of IE for that one website, then you will want to use an Intel-based Mac running a virtual copy of Windows XP via Parallels. will let you run any number of Windows applications right next to your Mac applications. Unfortunately, this will only work on Intel-based Macs. Hope that helped.

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