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Ask Max: Installing FireFox For Mac (And Thunderbird Too...)

Asked on 02/19/2009:

Hi, Jacob,
Received my PM DA G4/533 DP, DB, 512 MB, 80 GB SD, 5 computer today.

I downloaded a .dmg Thunderbird file from When I tried to open the file, it had the message ™unmountable file system™. This computer has a 10.3 OS. What can I do to set up FireFox and Thunderbird on this computer?



You may have a received a corrupt download because the disk image is not complete, and therefore not mountable on the Desktop. Also you may have an issue installing Firefox 3 on your system, as it requires OS X 10.4 Tiger or newer. You should download Firefox 2 instead.

Thunderbird 2 should run fine on your system though. Make sure you are downloading each separately as the combo installer will not work with your system. It comes with Firefox 3.

Hope this helps,

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