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Ask Max: Installing Boot Camp driver problems in Windows

Asked on 09/10/2007:

I am still having a ball with my new Mac Pro. However, I am trying to install boot camp on it (I had it on the iMac I traded in). It is the Beta version. I have installed the partition and files and it does bring up Windows. I am now trying to install the Macintosh drivers. I first used the CD I burned with the iMac and it would not install it. I then burned a new CD on the Mac Pro and it was also not installed.

I got the following messages:

(1) In the box for extracting MacIntosh drivers for Windows XP.msi I was told:

"This software does not support your hardware."

(2) In the Installation Wizard box is stated:

"Wizard interrupted before McIntosh drivers could be completely installed." and "The system has not been modified."

Any suggestions??? This worked before on the iMac.


When working with Boot Camp, it's important to have the latest version. Boot Camp is beta software, and so fixes and improvements occur regularly. Also, when new computers are released, Apple has to update the driver install disc for the Windows side. Without the updated Windows driver disc, the new hardware Apple is using will be partially incompatible with Windows. The easiest way to fix the problem is by downloading the newest version of Boot Camp.

Go ahead and install it but you don't have to resize your partition or reinstall Windows. All you need to do is burn a new driver disc. After that, you can restart into Windows and install from the new driver disc. Everything should install into Windows without those error messages you had received before. You will probably want to keep looking for Boot Camp updates over the next few months, and then burn new driver discs after each update. Apple is slowly making its hardware just as compatible in Windows as it is in OS X.

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