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Ask Max: iMac on a Windows Network

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I want to add an iMac G5 into a Windows NT server network. Is this possible without too much trouble? Would a newer Windows server be more advisable?


Mac OS X has always impressed me with its ability to communicate with Windows computers. Tiger 10.4 is notably the best at making those connections. The direction of the communication is important in grading how easy a Mac/Windows connection will be. Although connection to a client PC is possible from a Mac, it is far easer to setup Windows File Sharing on your Mac and having the Windows PC connect to it. For server connections, your iMac G5 will have no difficulty connecting to the Windows NT Server for file services. However, Exchange server connectivity is not as smooth as file sharing. It will take more work to establish Exchange services on the Mac and your Mac will not use 100% of the services available on an Exchange server. Adding a new Mac to a non-Exchange Windows network will be easy. You should not need to upgrade anything.

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