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Ask Max: I'm having trouble adding music to my iPod. All I get is

Asked on 05/11/2010:

I am having problem putting music on my iPod. it keeps saying that here is an unknowen error -69 any chance you could tell me what to do ??



Unknown Error 69 happends on the iPodIn general the first step in troubleshooting an iPod problem is to reformat the iPod and take it back to the original factory config. Make sure you have backed up your settings in iTunes first and that you still have all the songs and applications in your iTunes library.

To format your iPod, connect it to your computer and select it in the iTunes Device list. Then under the Summary tab select the Restore button and confirm that you are going to delete all data on the iPod. It will download the latest software for your iPod and then install it, it may take some time. When it is done, you can try restoring your setup from the last backup you made.

However before you go to this extreme, you may just have some file problem crashing the transfer process. If the problem is just seen during the iPod sync process you will need to remove the problem file from your iTunes library. This problem can be caused by a corrupt MP3 file or some other issue with the song files. Here is an Apple article on how to locate the offending iPod files and remove them.

Hope this helps,

- Jacob

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