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Ask Max: iDVD Limited To 99 Images?

Asked on 09/16/2008:

I have a G4 eMac 800 MHz with OS 10.4.11 running iPhoto 6.0.6 & iDVD 6.0.4.

I am being limited to (100) photos when burned to DVD. iDVD accepts all of the photos and when "burned" to an image file, they will show when played back on the computer. However there is a break in the music at the 100th photo. When burned to DVD, the playback cuts off at the 100th photo. Earlier versions were limited to 100 photos in a slide show, but that was changed on the more recent versions.


There is a known issue with the DVD play specification that has to do with the 99-image limit. Although the newer iDVD lets you make larger slideshow DVDs, not all players can play back more then 99 images.

Here are two links talking about the problem you have experienced:
iDVD '08: Slideshow audio playback briefly drops out after 99 images

iDVD '08 After 99 images in a slideshow, set-top DVD player will reset to chapter 1

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