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Ask Max: iBook LCD screen has gone grey, help!

Asked on 11/24/2008:

I bought a used iBook G4 that worked on arrival. After installing a fresh System 10.4.11 the screen faded out (white or grey out) and the Apple logo disappeared.

After that the screen did not display anything at all. On starting the iBook, the screen turns on and is white or gray depending on the brightness setting which still works. But there is no logo or rotating wheel.

An external monitor still works. All attempts to get the LCD screen back to life failed. Tried ATI Displays, Pram reset etc, nothing.

Any suggestions?


To rule out any hardware issues you should boot up your Mac computer in Target disk mode. You do that by starting the computer while holding down the [T] key. Make sure you get a blue screen with the FireWire symbol moving around on the screen. If you see the blue screen then it is most likely a OS / Driver issue and it may be worth the effort to reinstall the OS. You should also try a PMU reset to make sure that there are not any corrupt settings affecting the operation of the screen. Here are Apple's PowerBook / iBook PMU reset instructions.

Also make sure that the resolution of your screen is set to the native resolution for the built-in LCD, 1024 x 768.

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