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Ask Max: iBook battery light went out, what gives?

Asked on 04/30/2009:

All of a sudden yesterday I had a black screen and could not shut the computer down (it made the no "shut-down" noise). The little white light in front was on. Today, I unplugged it, and soon that little light went out. Is it the battery? If so, is it possible to recharge it? I bought the iBook in '05.


The battery on your iBook should constantly be recharging when you have it connected to the power adapter. The ring on the outside of the adapter turns amber or orange when it charges. If your computer turns off when you pull the power plug from the wall, then something is wrong with your iBook's power management system. You should start troubleshooting your system with a PMU reset. Then after you reset the PMU, restart your iBook and see if the battery will charge. Let it charge overnight and then remove the power cord and see how long the iBook will run. If it only runs for a very short time, you will probably need a new 14" iBook battery or 12" iBook battery.

There is also a potential for the iBook to have more serious problems with the internal components that handle the power management of your iBook. Consider bringing in the laptop to an Authorized Apple Service center for a full checkup.

Hope that helps,


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