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Ask Max: I want to get a new Mac - which one should I get?

Asked on 03/19/2009:

Im about to buy a faster Mac up from my Mirror drive door model.

I do a lot of Photoshop and the files are getting quite large at 534 MB to start with before layers, etc... This will be the last Machine I buy for about 5-7 years. Which one should I get to maximize my dollars and time?

As they upgrade the Mac OSX and Adobe upgrades PhotoShop and Lightroom right along with it, I need to keep up with that, so I tend to err on the side of caution and want to get a pretty late Mac Pro, but if I could save some money...

The latest Mac Pro's are so fast, that I lean towards them, but at $2700 for a dual Quad core, its getting pricey. What does Jacob think?

- Leo


A Mac Pro of nearly any generation should last you a considerable amount of time. Very few of them have made there way to service, which is a pretty good indicator of the quality of this generation of Mac. I also like to mention that an iMac can handle some of the pro photography tasks you are going to use your computer for. It may seem under powered for you, but I have had a good deal of success with a iMac as the workhorse of my office. It is essential that you get a color accurate external display for your iMac to, not only extend the screen real-estate, but to counter the color distortion of the glossy display.

Not many people have traded in a Mac Pro and few are returned as Open Box units, so deals are hard to come by. For expandability and overall performance, an entry 2.8GHZ Quad-Core Mac Pro should treat you well for many years.

I hope this helps but I am sure that you many need to spend some time on the phone with a PowerMax sales person to find the best value Mac Pro.