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Ask Max: I reset my iMac's permissions and iPhoto is now throwing errors - help!

Asked on 02/17/2010:


I was setting permissions on all files in my Intel-based iMac 20". After completing the OS quit; I could not even force quit or relaunch the finder.

And after restarting the gray Apple logo and the spinning gear were visible; but the iMac restarted on its own. It would continue repeating this restart cycle.

So I got out my OS A 10.5 DVD and noticed that i could restore from my TimeMachine backup. Cool! So I did it. It was successful HOWEVER, my TimeMachine backup excluded the Applications folder. Very stupid on my part.

So after restoring all my files I had to reload OSX 10.5 to get various Apple applications such as Main and Safari. But iPhoto was NOT included. I do have a copy of iLife '08 so I loaded that. And I did a software update for iPhoto. BUT when running iPhoto, I get a number of errors. My newer iMac here is running version 7.1.5, which is the version I used to have in this iMac.

How do I get version 7.1.5 into this iMac.

Thanks for your continued help,

- Bill


As you probably know now, it can cause many serious issues when you adjust Mac file permissions in bulk. Many files in your 20" iMac needs special permissions to function properly in the operating system. Only adjust file permissions if you have a specific need to do so, and only on one file at a time.

As for restoring your applications to their original state. Often the OS discs that come with new Macs have the ability to install the included applications. On the Mac OS X Install Disc 1, sometimes contained in a "Optional Installs" folder, that is the installer you need. Double-click "Install Mac OS X and Bundled Software" and follow the onscreen instructions.

That should get you back to the version of iLife that shipped with your system.

- Jacob

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