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Ask Max: I Need a Screaming-Fast Video Card. What Should I Buy?

Asked on 06/21/2006:

I'm ready to upgrade the GeForce3 64MB video card that came with my DP800 G4 QS machine. I am using an ADC display. I do a lot of 3D modeling. If you were in my shoes, what video card would you buy, and why?

Related question: Can you tell me about the state of development of the Mac video card 4x AGP format?


I would recommend moving to the Radeon 9800PRO 256MB AGP 2X/4X MAC Edition (ATI PN100-435058). This card is the fastest card ever made for your Mac; in speed, RAM, and features. It is the best 4x AGP card to date and probably will be the all-time best video card. This is because Apple and other computer makers are moving away from AGP video connections. PCI Express, the new standard, is faster and eventually is going to be cheaper for computer makers to use for all computer expansion, including video. So PCI-e is going to receive most of the attention from graphic card makers. AGP development will still continue but not at a cutting edge pace. So a video card upgrade now will most likely be the last for your Quicksilver, but it's still a good upgrade. You will also need to buy an Apple DVI to ADC converter because the 9800Pro card does not have ADC built in, just DVI.

That may break the bank to buy the adapter and card but if you are keeping the Quicksilver it's your best option.

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