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Ask Max: I need a new Mac that can run GarageBand well. What do you recommend?

Asked on 06/10/2010:


I am looking to purchase a new computer and I have been interested in the apple products. I have been a PC user forever but I've been told I need to check out thr mac world. My first concern is

1. I use my computer to multitask- with the web, my music, programs, typing papers etc my poor PC is trying its best to keep up. As a teacher now I had been told that Mac excels in this department with GarageBand and other music programs to record and write so I would want that.

My second concern is:

2. Desktop vs laptop- I have been looking at the Mac mini, the MacBook, the MacBook Pro and the iMac but I'm not sure what would be the best buy for me along with what I need it to do. What would you suggest?



New MacBookFor a first time Mac buyer, I would recommend a new MacBook. It will come with all the iLife applications, one of which is GarageBand, and it will have a nationwide warranty. A portable Mac will let you take your computer with you where you need it. This is especially helpful if you need to have someone show you how to do something. When you need help it is easier to go to the person for help opposed to trying to lure them to your home.

Also consider adding AppleCare for your MacBook for the three years of phone support as well as extras hardware support.

Hope this helps and welcome to the Mac world,

- Jacob

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