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Ask Max: I can't open a

Asked on 10/07/2009:

Recently, I upgraded from MacOSX 10.4.11 to 10.5.6. About the same time, I began seeing curious behavior of some attachments in

Whenever a correspondent sends something with an attachment with the suffix ".eml", I can't open it except as a quick look. As far as I know, this was never a problem with the 10.4.11 (and I certainly don't want to uninstall 10.5.6 to go back and check...).

Is it something caused by my newer OS, or is it something my correspondent(s) use that might've recently changed? They appear to have been sent from Windows Outlook Express. Here's a sample:

Is there something I can adjust to cause them to open automatically like every other email?





The easiest way to do this would be to first drag the ".eml" attachment to your desktop. Then Right Click or [Control] Click on the attachment and select "Get Info." Next expand the "Open with:" section and select the application as the assigned program for that file type. Click on the [Change All...] button and click on [Continue]. Close the Info window and from now on you can just double click on any ".eml" attachment and it will open in

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