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Ask Max: I can't get my Powerbook to accept the reinstall disk, help!

Asked on 08/31/2009:

I initialized the hard drive on my Powerbook G4 with "Drive Genius" and now I can't get it to accept the reinstall disc that came with the computer.

Any suggestions? The alert notice that pops up says I can't install this software on this computer.

- Ray


You may be facing a issue that has more to do with software version you have, verses the limit of the drive format. If you are trying to just reinstall the OS, you will need to do an Archive and Install of the OS.

If you are trying to reformat the drive and remove all data from it, you will need to repartition it with the Disk Utility that is on the OS X install media. You will have to boot up the disc and then open Disk Utility and use the Partition tab to create one new partition on your Apple computer hard drive..

- Jacob

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