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Ask Max: I can't get my Mac mini set up correctly ...

Asked on 08/06/2010:



I ordered a Mac Mini and am trying to set it up to no avail. I do not have the Apple monitor.

I did go to the Apple store to purchase a VGA adapter. However I get nothing. I made sure it is plugged into the back of the Mini correctly. I am also having a problem getting the disc out. I can feel it spinning but it won't eject it.

- Dan



Mac miniYou can force the disc out of the drive by holding down the main button of a USB mouse when the Mac mini is starting up. That should force out the disc. Most VGA displays should work on the Mac Mini.

What model display are you using that will not work? It is OK to use a PC display on a Mac, almost all of the modern PC displays will have no problem working with any Mac, even refurbished Mac minis.


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