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Ask Max: I can't connect to internet using Acer PD726W in MacBook.

Asked on 04/30/2007:

I purchased an Acer PD726W. The wireless feature works fine with my Windows based laptop, but my new MacBook, though it recognizes the Acer network, will not log onto it using the browser. Hence, I am unable to download the setup program for the video connection. Any ideas?


The PD726W is a nice projector with more than your average connection capabilities. The wireless presentation feature looks convenient, but I doubt that it will work through the Mac OS. That feature uses a built-in web server that lives in the projector. Often, device-based web servers use the Active Xweb programming language to actively communicate with the computer. That is why the Acer requirements for the wireless feature are Windows 2000 or Windows XP with Internet Explorer. Active X is a Microsoft proprietary technology and is, as far a I know, only available through Internet Explorer for the PC.

Some of these device-based web servers can switch from the Active Xlanguage to Java. If you can switch the language to Java, then it will work with any modern web browser. I did not see that as an option for the PD726W projector, but it could be an undocumented feature. Look around the menus and see if you can change that function.

Otherwise you should look at using Parallels and a copy of Windows XP to run Internet Explorer.

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