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Ask Max: How To Unlock A Locked Desktop File

Asked on 02/10/2009:

I have an eMac G4. I downloaded off net a ™bass wave™ to listen to and I find that it’s locked and I can not get it off my screen, when put into trash it won’t delete it as ™its locked™. Question: how does one unlock a locked file? Every time I try something new it makes a copy of it and I have 6 icons on my screen now - can you help?



Locking and unlocking a file is done from the info Get Info window. To get there, right-click or [control] click on the file and select ™Get Info™ from the popup menu. In the General section of the Get Info window are two checkboxes. Check or uncheck the ™Locked™ checkbox to change the locked status of the file on your Apple computer.

Hope that helps,

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