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Ask Max: How to speed up surfing in Safari

Asked on 04/12/2007:

I'm running an eMac 1.42 GHz 10.3.9. How do I increase my memory cache I have 1 web page that takes forever to load [] or if you have any other ideas.


Safari has many cache issues that not only slow down your web performance but also your system performance. If you have kids on your computer I would bet that your system has slowed to a crawl. That is because Flash-based websites like YouTube or Neo Pets will fill your cache and cause your system to check those large cache files for web page changes whenever you go back to a cached webpage. Counter intuitively you may be able to get better speed by having an empty cache. To test if that will help, go to the "Safari" menu and select "Empty Cache." If that speeds up then you can just disable the cache within Safari. To disable the cache you will need to use a Safari utility. I like Safari Enhancer for turning off the cache and getting to other nifty hidden features of Safari.

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