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Ask Max: How To Migrate Contacts from Outlook to Gmail

Asked on 09/30/2011:

I am attempting to migrate from PC to Mac.

Do you know of a seamless/easy way to import all your Outlook2007 Contacts/Categories without re-typing/formatting many hundreds of MBs?

CME [Convert My Email dot com] claims to be able to import Outlook2007 email folders, archives, contacts (including categories), calendar etc. into Entourage 2008.

When I tried it, just as their program attempted to import the translated data Entourage crashed.

I am continuing to work with them by running their debugging program and sending logs.

Is there an easier way?

What do you recommend for all those Mac converts out there who can’t face re-typing their Outlook data?



It is sometimes nice to use a third party to be the intermediary in the transfer process. I like to use Gmail for this. Here is Microsoft's pages on how to get your contacts loaded into a free Gmail account:

Export Outlook contacts to Google Mail

Transfer contacts between Outlook and Google Mail

Then in your Mac's Address Book Application, go to the Preferences. Under the Accounts tab mark the checkbox for "Synchronize with Google" and enter the credentials for your Gmail account. This will let you transfer your Outlook contacts over the network. Additionally, syncing them with your Gmail account will make sure that they are always available to you. You can view them via the internet in your Gmail account, they will be constantly backed up from your Mac, and easy to export out of Gmail if you need to.

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