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Ask Max: How fast is the startup on the Quad Core Mac Pro?

Asked on 08/03/2009:

How fast is the startup on the Quad Core Apple Mac Pro #MB871LL/A?

I have a PC with a 3.0Ghz processor that runs Vista. Because it is Windows, it loads everything at start-up and it takes forever before I can start browsing on the net. That is why I leave it on stand-by all the time. I have decided that I will no longer upgrade my PC hardware and go with Mac Pro instead. I have gone to an Apple Store at the mall but it was a zoo.

Also, I have a question on the upgradability on Mac Pros. Can I start with this and easily upgrade the processor, RAM, Storage, Video Card, etc.?

Thanks in advance,



With any Mac computer, the boot up time depends greatly on hard drive speed. Most Intel Macs will boot the Leopard OS in under 40 Seconds of an internal drive. Solid state drives can speed that up some, and faster RAM can help too. You can slow that time down as well by connecting to a Wireless network on startup and other boot up add-ons. For the most part the Mac Pro will boot quickly, but I still leave most of my Macs running all the time. I hate waiting for the screen's backlight to kick on, a personal flaw I have to admit to.

The RAM and video card will be easy for you to upgrade in the near future but the processor will not upgrade with exactly the same ease. It is a socketed processor and you can replace it, although wait until the Apple warranty period is over before you attempt it. You will not be able to convert the Mac Pro single processor, four core system, into a dual processor, eight core system. So make sure you get a configuration that will meet you upgrade needs. I have know people who upgrade their Mac Pros regularly with the latest processors, but most of those people are Intel employees. It should be fine for an experienced PC tech.

- Jacob

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