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Ask Max: How do you transfer files over a wireless network?

Asked on 05/09/2007:

I have the iMac w/Intel chip and a new MacBook w/Intel chip. I have them set up on a network with the AirPort Extreme. Is there any easy way to transfer individual songs or playlists in iTunes from the iMac to the MacBook without using FireWire?
Also I have found out a way to transfer photos in iPhoto but it is somewhat complicated. Do you know an easy way to make that transfer?


I have several Macs at home and I will often use the share features of iTunes and iPhoto to do what you want. This is done in the preferences of both applications. Look for the "Sharing" button on the top bar of the application preferences. Check the checkbox next to "Look for shared music" and "Share my music." Do this in iTunes and iPhoto on both computers. Now you will be able to access all your music and photos from any computer. It even works to play music from another computer and send that music to the AirTunes port on an Airport Express. Just look for Shared items in the left hand "Source" column of iTunes and iPhoto. 

I hope this functions as you wanted. There are other complicated ways to do this but this method will work best without constantly re-synchronizing.

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