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Ask Max: How do you stop OS X from asking for passwords?

Asked on 05/16/2007:

For the longest time I have not had to enter any passwords to operate my (single-user) Mac (OS10.4.8)

I recently had to re-size my boot partition (with Drive Genius) and re-installed the OS.

Since then I have had to enter a password when I boot up, and when I open Mail. Where did I go wrong? What can I do to go back to not using passwords to get around?


OS X has passwords for everything, that is part of the security, but they can also be a headache. To avoid entering a password when starting up your Mac you will have to go to the System Preferences. From there go into "Accounts" and click on the padlock to unlock the preference window. Enter the password you used when you created the account. Now click on "Login Option" in the lower left side of the Accounts window. Place a check mark in the first checkbox for "Automatically log in as..." Select your user account from the pulldown menu and enter the password again. Now you won't have to enter a password on startup again.

As for your other passwords those are stored in your Keychain. In your Utilities folder is a program called Keychain Access that will help you manage your passwords, but for the most part you can just tell each application to store your password in the Keychain. When you enter your password in Mail, look for a check box for "Remember this Password in keychain." Mark that Checkbox and enter your password. Now you should be set, and password free!

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