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Ask Max: How do you make your monthly newsletter?

Asked on 02/27/2007:

What program do you use (if any) to embed your newsletter or monthly specials into an email?


We have a team of web programmers that assemble the Bolt newsletter ( They use BBedit ( most of the time, but they don't use a HTML creation package for those emails. If you're looking for a simple solution to create HTML emails, you can use a built-in feature of Safari. For it to work you'll have to use the Apple Mail application for your emails. First, you will need to create a web page that looks the way you want your email to look. If this project is for a business, you may already have a page with the info you want to send. If you are creating original content then you should have a link for all the people who do not want to receive HTML emails; however the page does not need to be hosted online for this to work. Open the page in Safari. Click onto the File menu and then select "Mail Contents of This Page." It will open a new email with the contents of that web page. Then just address the email and send it off.Remember to test your emails first before you send it off to a batch of folks.I hope that works for you.

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