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Ask Max: How do I create an external itunes library?

Asked on 09/16/2009:


I am using iTunes and have loaded up my iPod with over 11,000 songs. Do these songs take up space on my Macbook? Can I put them into a separate storage device and what device would be large enough? My iPod holds 147GBs. Thanks

- Thomas


All music and video files on your iPod will also exist in your main iTunes Library (which indeed takes up space on your Macbook hard drive). You can relocate your iTunes Library on an external drive, but the drive will need to be connected to your computer every time you open iTunes.

One drive to look at that can fit your music and survive a drop or two is the Lacie Rugged Hard Drive.

Follow these three steps.

- Copy your iTunes library to an external drive

- Then set it as your new Library

- Delete your old Music Library from the Music folder.

- Jacob

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