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Ask Max: How do I adjust the width of my email messages?

Asked on 11/25/2008:

I cannot find out how to adjust the width of the messages as they appear in my mailbox. So they are so wide that part of the text is off the screen. I cannot drag it far enough to get it all into view.

I am using the mail program that came with my mini Mac.


It sounds like you may have your Apple Mail window open too large. The green button on most Apple windows will toggle on and off the ™fullscreen™ mode for the window. Try clicking the green button on the top left hand part of the Mail window to see if you can reduce the window’s size. If, after clicking the green button, the window is still too large, you can manually resize the Mail window. Click and hold on the bottom right hand corner of the Apple Mail window and move the mouse pointer towards the Red button on the on the diagonal corner.

As you get closer the window will change size and the mail being viewed should also be resized to a readable length. Let go of the corner when it looks right to you.

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