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Ask Max: How can we use old photo backups on our new iMac?

Asked on 11/03/2008:

We just purchased a new iMac and want to know how/if we can somehow use our old backup photo CDs on the new iMac. Is there a method/program that will allow us to download these to the Mac? I've searched for answers, but so far can't find anything.


New Mac computers (and some used Macs) come with the application iPhoto pre-installed, and this would be the perfect way for you to import and organize your photos. The fastest way to bring your photos into iPhoto is to first open the iPhoto application. Then insert the photo CD and select the photos you want to move. Hold down the shift key to select large groups of photos. With the photos highlighted, drag them over to the iPhoto application running on the Dock. The iPhoto icon should darken when you are in the right spot. Let go of the mouse button and iPhoto will start importing the photos into the application.

You can also choose "Import to Library" from the "File" menu from within iPhoto. You will need to navigate to the CD and select the photos you want from within the import window.

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