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Ask Max: How can I use my monitor and speakers on both a PC and Mac?

Asked on 08/12/2009:

I am considering migrating to a Mac Pro (the new one). But I’d like to make the transition slowly until I am comfortable doing things on the Mac as I do them on my PC (Vista).

My plan is to use my Viewsonic 22” monitor with DVI-D with the Mac as well as my speakers. I use Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (Can I use these too?). Anyway, is there a (inexpensive) dongle I can use to allow me to use my monitor and speakers without actually unplugging them from my PC to the Mac and back?

Also, I plan to use Outlook on the Mac. How do I convert all of my old email to the Mac?

Thanks in advance for your support.

- Jack


What you need is a KVM switch and there are two you should look at. The IOGear KVM switch is particularly nice for this kind of device switching. Many KVMs do not have audio switching or us DVI, but this IOGear Micro View KVM Switch will do.

Which ever unit you get should help with the monitor an speakers. The wireless keyboard mouse combo should work as long as it is the kind that uses the USB dongle attached to your current Mac computer. Otherwise you will have trouble pairing those devices with two computers. You may need to use the Keyboard and mouse that come with the Mac Pro until you retire the PC. After that a PC bluetooth keyboard/mouse will work well on the Mac.

- Jacob

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