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Ask Max: How can I use an Apple Cinema Display with a new Mac mini?

Asked on 06/09/2010:

Hello Jacob,

I was looking the other day at the latest Mac mini on your site and have some questions. I am retiring a mirror door G4 soon and think the mini 239LL might tide me over for a while.

Can I use my existing Apple Cinema Display 20™ 1680x1050?

I have written 3 books using Adobe CS2. Will I have to upgrade the software to use on the Intel chip set? Other known software issues?

Are there any other surprises?


- Bill


™macThe DVI Apple Displays work nicely with the Mac Minis. If you have a Clear plastic ADC display you will need a DVI To ADC Display Adapter.

I think other than that you should be set to make the switch and use the new Adobe CS Software but you should check the graphics card requirements for the applications you are planing on using. Some features may not work perfectly on the Integrated Graphics cards used in the Mac Mini.


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