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Ask Max: How can I update my Power PC Macs from 10.4 to 10.5.6?

Asked on 04/01/2010:

Hey there,

I recently bought a couple of trade-ins from you that are running 10.4 and am trying to install OX 10.5.6. When I put the disc in, it does not open the window for the software install. I go to the hard drive and see the disc, try to click there to open the window and nothing.

I then single click the icon on the desktop, then go to "file" and open from there and still nothing. This happens on both the computers. I reinserted the disk into my iMac 24" and the window pops up just fine as soon as the disc is inserted. Any thoughts on why the other 2 computers won't open the update disc?


- Brian


G5 Power MacYou can install from that disk by starting up holding down the [C] key with the disc in the drive.

That will get your Power Macs booted from the installer and allow you to install the OS. Choose the Option to do an Archive and Install, or Erase and Install if you don't need the data on the drive, and that will insure that you have a clean OS install.

- Jacob

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