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Ask Max: How can I transmit my iPod audio through an FM frequency?

Asked on 08/20/2009:

I hate Apple. They sell a kid an expensive mp3 player that has a two year life on the battery which can not be changed. So throw it away? I could use it in my work truck if I could find a product that would both charge the iPod and transmit to an open radio frequency.

I travel long distances in the far North where there are no radio stations in range. Usually I pack two dozen cds, but I often tire of the limited choice. I could upload all of my cds into I tunes and use my son’s old nano and buy him a new one. If you know what product I need and where I can get it, I would be happy to hear from you.


- Stewart


What you need is a iPod FM transmitter that plugs into your lighter and the Apple dock connector on the bottom of the nano. I have personally used the Monster Cable iPod FM transmitter.

But you should also look at others like the Belkin TuneCast Auto for iPod, Griffen iPod FM Transmitter or the Griffen RoadTrip FM Transmitter.

Most times I do not recommend these in urban areas because of station interference but you sound like the perfect candidate to use one of these. Also consider downloading free Podcast from iTunes, to break up the music on long drives. Believe me a bunch of podcasts can make a drive seem much shorter. Hope it gives that iPod new life.

- Jacob

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