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Ask Max: How can I transfer images from my Mac clone to my G4?

Asked on 09/21/2009:


We have a very old Power Computing Mac Clone with SCSI connections. We do not need this computer anymore, however, we have some jpg & tiff images that we want to transfer to our G4.

Any suggestions on how to transfer our images off this older computer to our G4?

Thank you,



Probably the simplest way to get that data over is with a PCI SCSI card. This will enable you to install the SCSI hard drive into your G4 and pull all the data from it that you want. It will also allow you to use some external SCSI hardware. Otherwise, you could try connecting both Macs to the same ethernet network and enabling an Appletalk network for file sharing. However, that could prove to be more complicated than it is worth for you.

- Jacob

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