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Ask Max: How can I sync the calendars of two Macs running different OS versions?

Asked on 03/18/2010:

Hi Jacob,

I have a question about iCal.

I have two Mac systems:

1) desktop G5 2.3 GHz PCIe running Tiger 10.4.9

2) MBP 2.53GHz 15.4 (Oct 2008) alumibody running Leopard 10.5.6

How can I sync the calendars between these two system, which are running different versions of OS? I consider the calendar on the desktop G5 under Tiger as the master. Periodically (daily or weekly), I need to update the MBPs calendar to mirror the G5s. Is this possible?

I checked the iCal system files on both systems, and the iCal files are located in different places under Leopard and may even be named differently.

Any thoughts?

Is there a way to manually drag-and-drop various iCal system files from one system to the other? Currently, that is how I backup iCal under Tiger.

Thanks for your time.

- William


Although they look similar, the versions of iCal in 10.5 is very different from the one included with Mac OS X 10.4. If you want to keep them in sync without too much fuss, or annual cost like a MobileMe account, consider upgrading the G5 to Leopard. When you have both computers on 10.5, you can use Google Calendar syncing and constantly keep both your systems updated.

Check out Google's instructions on enabling Google Calendar with iCal

From the link:

To set up CalDAV support for Google Calendar in Apple's iCal, follow these steps:

• Open Apple iCal, go to Preferences and then the Accounts tab.

• Click on the + button to add an account.

• Under Account Information, enter your Google Account username and password.

• Under Server Options, add the following URL:

Replace '' with your Google Account username.

• Click Add.

• Under the Delegation tab, select the calendars you'd like to add to iCal by checking the boxes next to them. You may need to hit refresh to get the latest list of calendars.

• Add your email address to your Address Book card by selecting Add Email. You'll be prompted to add your email address only if your address is not already in your Address Book.

- Jacob

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