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Ask Max: How can I share my neighbors T3 connection among my devices wirelessly?

Asked on 12/31/2009:

Jacob, Maya referred me to you so here goes :)

I'm trying to get rid of my slow satellite internet and pick up my neighbors T3 connection wirelessly. I have an iMac, Macbook Pro and an iPhone that I want to be networked in my house and I can't seem to make it work. I ordered a Hawkins HWUN1 high gain antenna, hooked it up to my iMac and it works great. The problem is to use it I have to turn off my airport and the iMac is the only one that gets internet. I need to find a way to pick up the signal (about 120 yards away through trees) and still network my computers in home.

I tried enabling sharing and plugging my airport extreme into my imac but that messed stuff up and I still can't use my imac's airport. I'm not really sure how the routers / repeaters / signal boosters / etc. work and I need some help!

Is there a router out there that I can plug my HWUNI into and redistribute the signal? Or do I need to go a completely different route?

So to clarify...

I want to:

Pick up my neighbor's signal

Network my home computes

I have:

1 iMac

1 Macbook Pro

1 iPhone

1 Airport Extreme Base Station

1 Hawkins HWUN1 (which has enough amplification to get the signal)

Let me know what your recommendations would be.




Because the HWUN1 is a USB network device you can not share it through an Airport Extreme base station. What you can do is connect to the neighbor's network via the Hawkins USB adapter, and then share that connection with your other wireless devices through your iMac's wireless card. You do this in the Sharing section of System Preferences.

Apple also has documentation on sharing your internet connection: OS X 10.4 Internet sharing directions and OS X 10.5 Internet sharing instructions.

In both cases your iMac will always need to be on, and not sleeping. You can set the system Sleep to "never" in the Energy Saver section of System Preferences. It is OK to let the hard drive and Display sleep, just set the System slider bare to "Never".

- Jacob

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