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Ask Max: How can I run both a PC and a Mac with one monitor and keyboard?

Asked on 06/26/2009:

I must start by saying I have never used a Mac…ever. But I have heard really cool things about them.

I am looking at getting a Mac Mini to get my feet wet and to learn the Mac. I will also be testing some website production on it. The sites will be produced on a PC and tested on the Mac for compatibility. So I don’t want to have to buy another display, keyboard, mouse, etc…to make the Mac Mini work. Will my USB windows keyboard and mouse work on the Mac? I have thought about getting a switch box to save desktop space. Thanks for your assistance!


USB base PC keyboards and Mice work perfectly both new Mac Minis and used Mac minis, although some special media buttons may not work. Getting a small 2-port KVM will make switching back and forth easy.

Look at this IOGEAR MiniView Micro Plus KVM switch if you have a VGA display or this IOGEAR MiniView DVI if you have a DVI display.

- Jacob

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