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Ask Max: How can I get my G5 tower to shut up?

Asked on 10/01/2008:

How can I get this tower to shut up? It's ridiculously loud. The fans are on like high speed or something...I can't concentrate. Any ideas?

I have a G5 1.8 Dual Processor running OS X 4.11 on 5 GB of RAM.


Sometimes this can be caused by faulty hardware so you should run the Apple Hardware test that came with your computer on the gray labeled discs. You may also want to make sure you have run all the fan-related firmware updates. Search the Apple support site for "G5 fan" and then sort by downloads. It is also just as possible that the thermal sensors are mis-calibrated. The loud fans of some G5 units can be reduced by re-calibration so they do not run constantly. Unfortunately this is something that has to be done at an Apple Authorized Service center. It should be just the cheapest possible charge for labor only.

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