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Ask Max: How can I delete the music on my iPod and add new music?

Asked on 11/12/2009:

Dear Jacob,

I've got a question for you and hope it doesn't sound stupid but this is new to me. I've got an iPod and the music on it, and I want to know how I can delete the old music and put on new music. I have no idea how I can go about it.

- Mary


It is not a stupid question as it is not always obvious how your music is place on an iPod. The iPod can only be managed by the iTunes application on your computer. Once you have iTunes stocked with encoded music from your CDs and purchased music, you connect your iPod to the computer.

The iPod will show up as a device in the left had section of the iTunes window. You can then select the iPod and set the way you want music to be synced to the iPod. Depending on the size of your iTunes library and the capacity of your iPod, you may be able to have all your music on the iPod, or just some Play Lists if your library will not fit on the iPod.

Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. And watch these videos showing you how to manage your iPod.

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